About me

I have been studying English all my life.  I didn't get good marks in English at school and, of course, I didn't like studying it. But it was important for me, I needed English for working and traveling. 

So, once again, I studied grammar and vocabulary...  without understanding somebody when they talked to me and struggled to say what I wanted to say. It was very frustrating and many times I thought about giving up.

In 2010 I had the opportunity to live in Cape Town, South Africa. Inmediatly, I thought, "Yes, this is going to be great! After a couple of months you will be able to speak English". 

Without wasting time I signed up at an English school. I met people. I tried to speak properly. I wanted to understand every single word I heard. And do you know what? Nothing. Nothing! I got terrible headaches. 

One day my friend Patricia asked me why I  was always so worried about my English and I said, "After so many years studying I should be able to understand and speak perfectly". 

How stupid! Isn't it? After all, what is perfection? What does it mean?

Patricia is a writer, we talked about perfection for a while, and I realise that nobody can be perfect, but who cares?  

Maybe it was time to stop complaining about my English and to start having fun.

After all, think about how many wonderful things you can do imperfectly! 

I am also an imperfect storyteller, Spanish teacher and tour guide:

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